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Glow Up.

Step Out.

We specially formulated our body wax products to be safe, gentle, yet effective on removing hair, even on delicate areas. Be the best version of you with the most nourishing hair removal products on the market.

Hard Wax

Don’t let the name fool you, our hard wax will never be rough on your skin. Our specially formulated hard wax will always be gentle on your skin and will get you right. Our custom formula will have your skin feeling luscious and desirable.

Soft Wax

Are you a one and done kind of girl? Be prepared to indulge your skin in a luxurious and creamy soft wax experience. You deserve to treat yourself, or your partner.

Sugar Wax

Sugar, spice, your partner will rub you twice. We only put the finest, organic ingredients in our sugar wax, which will leave your skin irresistible. Our sugar wax will give you longer lasting results than any other wax, and who doesn’t love it long lasting?

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