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What can you do with an esthetician license?

what can you do with an esthetician license

What is an esthetician?

Estheticians are professionals in the fields of beauty and skin care who offer a range of services to enhance a client’s appearance and feel of their skin. They include doing facials, waxing and plucking hair, assessing the condition of the skin to identify the best course of action, and more. The esthetician might suggest different lotions, cleansers, and moisturizers. When a client has a health problem, they occasionally refer them to a doctor. But what can what can you do with an esthetician license?

While many estheticians work in spas and salons, knowledge in this subject can also lead to employment in sales, brand representation, magazine and blog writing, and educational programs. Beauty and skin care professionals can take measures to develop into occupations in cosmetology and even medicine, such as dermatology, by pursuing training to become a licensed esthetician.

How do you get an esthetician license?

Consult the board of barbers and cosmetologists in your state to find out the exact procedure for obtaining an esthetician license there. The general steps to become a certified esthetician are as follows:

  1. Complete a training program

A formal training program is required in many states for estheticians, but some states let completion of an apprenticeship to satisfy this need. Through an apprenticeship, students can gain knowledge outside of the classroom and through practical experience. Instead than paying for a course, these programs let you to work and make money while studying. Students can satisfy specific knowledge requirements and finish the required number of training hours to obtain a license through both classes and apprenticeships.

  1. Provide proof of course completion

A certificate or log of training hours is given to you if you complete a training program or an apprenticeship. To demonstrate that you are qualified to take the tests and receive a license, present this paper to your state regulatory body. With training hours ranging from one hundred to thousands, these requirements differ from state to state.

  1. Pass necessary examinations

The majority of estheticians take the National Interstate Council (NIC) of State Boards of Cosmetology exam, albeit the exact exam depends on your location. The theory exam and the practical exam are the two components of this test. The theory exam is a written test designed to gauge your understanding of scientific theories, skin care procedures, and related topics. Your practical knowledge of salon and spa estheticians’ typical daily tasks will be put to the test in the practical examination. Typically, states that do not mandate the NIC exam offer a test that is comparable.

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  1. Pay the state licensing fee

To obtain their license, estheticians must pay a licensing fee to their state board or another certifying organization. The cost varies based on where you are. To keep their licenses current, the majority of estheticians also pay a yearly renewal fee.

What can you do with an esthetician license?

Although many estheticians work in spas and salons, licensed individuals are eligible for a wide range of other jobs. Here are 14 possible occupations for you to consider. Please click on the links below to view the most recent Indeed salaries:

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