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Can you wax with a cosmetology license?

can you wax with a cosmetology license

Body and face waxing make up a sizable percentage of the beauty sector. In actuality, between 2021 and 2031, the hair removal market gained 7.6% annually. Several causes, such more males seeking treatment or the use of cutting-edge technologies, may be to blame for this rise. So, can you wax with a cosmetology license?

Basically, waxing is the fast removal of hair from the face or body using hard or soft wax, depending on the area to be treated. The results stay far longer than with shaving and are more affordable than with laser treatments. Also, it’s simple to incorporate into almost any skin care routine.

With such advantages, it’s clear why it’s so well-liked. With such expansion, it makes sense that you’d want to start providing waxing to your clients. Good news: You can do it!

Yes, including Brazilian waxing, licensed cosmetologists can conduct any type of waxing operation.

Every cosmetology school courses include a waxing component that covers the necessary preparing and post-treatment procedures as well as the strict sanitary standards. As a result, you have permission to use this technique on your clients.

Yet, some jurisdictions don’t require you to attend beauty school in order to get a waxing license. These two states—New York and Virginia—allow you to enroll in a course and obtain a waxing-specific license.

Generally, though, waxing any region of the body should be covered by your cosmetology or esthetician license. Nonetheless, it’s always better to get in touch with your state board for the most recent information if you’re unclear.

Can a Cosmetologist Do Laser Hair Removal?

The practice of laser hair removal is quite well-liked. Essentially, a laser heats the hair follicles to high temperatures and stunts their growth by focusing a beam of light at them. The light is absorbed by the follicle, which is then killed.

The follicles won’t fall out right away, but eventually. Even yet, there are numerous advantages to this process, particularly when compared to shaving, plucking, and waxing. A few of those are:

  • Speed: Compared to shaving and meticulously plucking, the laser treats an area the size of a quarter per second.
  • Precision: The laser only affects the hair follicles and spares the surrounding skin (although few people may have minor irritation).
  • Benefit duration: The majority of clients can go months without treatments, and often after four to seven sessions, the hair is totally eliminated.

It is simple to understand why it is so well-liked and why any cosmetologist or esthetician would want to add this to their toolkit given the vast list of advantages.

Regrettably, most cosmetologists and estheticians do not have the necessary training to perform laser hair removal. To make matters worse, the constraints on this technique are quite difficult to understand, especially when examining them state-by-state.

For instance, states without official laws covering laser treatments include Virginia and New York. Florida and other states demand further “electrologist” training and certification. Nonetheless, certain states, including California, forbid anybody besides medical experts from carrying out such surgeries.

Can you wax with a cosmetology license?

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